System Maintenance

We cannot overstate the necessity that systems are regularly maintained. Our teams of dedicated service engineers operate throughout the region of Famagusta and Larnaca and they purely focus on both servicing and maintenance of air-conditioners, hearers, and ventilation and extraction systems. Their vast experience can determine whether a particular part is near the end of its serviceability and advise that it be replaced to avoid the unit breaking down when you most need it.

There’s no ‘ifs and buts’ that the lifespan of regularly serviced units will outlast units that have been neglected. We are still servicing units that we installed over ten years ago which run as well as they did the day they were installed. Conversely, we’ve seen the same branded units that have needed replacing after only three years due to the lack of regular servicing. Well-maintained equipment keeps running at peak performance and keeps energy bills down!


Our System Service Team

In addition to our system engineers, we also have a dedicated customer support team based at our Paralimni head office. They will always keep you fully updated throughout the process and are always on hand to answer your questions.

We can offer you a ‘tailor made’ Planned Preventative Maintenance program to suit your needs which will ensure that your air conditioners are always working at optimum performance levels.

We maintain system equipment in buildings of all shapes and sizes from, homes, offices, and shops to hotels, schools, and hospitals.


How Do I Know if my System Needs Servicing?

There are several tell-tale signs show that your system’s service is overdue. Common signs are when you notice that the unit no longer performs as well as it used to, e.g. not cooling or heating as effectively, or air flow is restricted.

Another common sign would be unpleasant smells coming from the system. If any of these signs are apparent, then it is important to get your units serviced ASAP. During this time you are at the highest risk of the unit failing. It is our experience that the vast majority of expensive system repairs occur in systems which have not been subject to regular maintenance or servicing.

The installation of your system is a major investment. Naturally, you will want to protect your investment by both prolonging the life of your system and ensuring that the units continue to run efficiently and economically.


How Often Should a System be Serviced?

Typically, when a cooling, heating, or ventilation and extraction system is used in a residential environment, one service visit per annum is generally sufficient. However, where the system is used in both heating and cooling modes, we recommend at least two visits per year.

For commercial applications, e.g. shops, offices or restaurants, a minimum of two visits per year would be required. In critical locations, e.g. server rooms, trading floors, workshops or hairdressing or beauty salons where there are often high levels of airborne pollutants in the air, we would advise that your air conditioning maintenance program allows for three or more service visits.