We responsively provide our customers with the best solution for all their energy needs, both during the design phase of an energy-photovoltaic project, as well as in the support of this project after completion.

Solar energy, because it is one of the milder forms of energy and gives energy and environmentally friendly solutions, is already a powerful energy ally in most areas of our daily life.

Climatizer can provide reliable solutions to the full range of its customers with a wide variety of products in photovoltaic systems as well as accessories at the most competitive prices.

Climatizer also provides free consultancy for photovoltaic systems, be they autonomous photovoltaic for autoproduction or subsistence, whether they are connected residential photovoltaic systems on roofs or photovoltaic parks.

Our mission is to provide high quality services and to contribute to the rise of awareness in the issue of climate change. Our power stems from our long experience in the field of photovoltaic services.


The optimum installation parameters of a P/V system according to the geographic location of Cyprus, is South oriented with inclination of 28ο-30ο. Any divergence from these parameters affects the system output negatively resulting to the relevant divergence on the optimum economic return.

The net area required for a P/V installation of 3kWp – 5kWp is approximately 25m² – 40m² if installed in a tiled roof or approximately 45m² – 75m² if installed on a flat roof/terrace. The installation is subject to the orders in force of the relevant House Planning Department.

We offer complete solutions of photovoltaic systems and our technical support, both in small and medium-sized photovoltaic systems for households and small businesses, as well as in larger systems suitable for more specialized energy needs.