Wall Mounted Air Conditioners

Wall mounted air conditioners are probably the most common units used in a residential environment. The two main advantages are that wall units are always the cheapest option to install; they are also easy to retrofit in rooms without the need for building works or redecoration. They are long, thin and placed at a high level on the wall.

Like all the models designed for homes, they are also exceptionally quiet. You should avoid air conditioning models over 8kW in power as they are primarily intended for commercial applications and can be noisy. Our surveyors will make sure you get the optimal solution for your home.

A single wall unit will usually be able to cool most rooms; however, larger rooms sometimes need an additional unit.


Ultra-Efficiency, Advanced Technology

Wall mounted air conditioners have come a long way over the years and the major players in the industry have tirelessly committed themselves to improving the energy efficiency of their units. Every unit that we supply and install for our customers is highly energy efficient and very economical to run.

One of the main advantages inverter technology on our split air conditioners is far more efficient than traditional methods of heating e.g. radiators and electric heaters.


Ducted Units for Homes

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems are the most expensive choice, but they are certainly the most aesthetically pleasing solution. Ducted home air conditioning systems can be used to cool multiple rooms; however, the downside is that you cannot have individual room control (unless you have multiple ducted systems). The ductwork and cooling unit(s) are hidden within a false ceiling or loft space, so all that you see is a small neat grille in the ceiling.

There are various grille designs available which suit different shapes and sizes of room. Our surveyors will talk you through the various solutions, so you’ll achieve the exact look you’re after.

Please note that these are best fitted as part of a building project as they require a ceiling void to house both the ducting and the air conditioning unit itself.


Types of Grilles

Grilles for ducted air conditioners come in all shapes and sizes and the decision as to which type to use is down to performance in the first instance and aesthetics. Our surveyors will guide you on the most suitable options available ensuring that the grilles distribute the air gently and evenly around the room. This will avoid cold drafts or the system missing ‘hot-spots’ within the room. In some cases, we can design bespoke systems that are tailored to your requirements.

One other very important fact about ducted aircon units is that for every air ‘outlet’, there must be an air ‘inlet’ for the return air. This allows the ducted system to circulate air within the room and cool or heat as required.

It is essential that airflows are calculated correctly so that the correct grilles and ducts can be used. Incorrectly specified ducts or grilles will result in insufficient circulation if too large or noisy units and whistling if too small. In addition, if the grille or ductwork is too small and creates back pressure, the system could ultimately fail.


Air Conditioners for Businesses

Air conditioning in the commercial environment is now seen as standard for modern developments and in recent years, demand for retro-fitted air conditioners in existing business premises has skyrocketed.

A pleasant, cool environment is something that customers have come to expect in shops and restaurants. A moderate temperature also creates the ideal environment for consumers to spend more time and, accordingly, more money. In offices, staff are far more productive when they don’t have to worry about being sweaty in the summer or icy-cold in the winter.

There has also been a large increase in the number of schools installing air conditioning as students often perform better, especially in exam situations, when they are in a comfortable environment.


Providing Customer Satisfaction

Keeping your customers comfortable is the primary concern for all businesses and climate control is a huge part of that. When recommending air conditioners for restaurants, hotels, and offices it is essential that one takes into consideration the room shape, furniture arrangements before deciding on the location of the air conditioning units.

Climatizer knows that a pleasurable experience keeps customers coming back so we use our expertise to make sure your customers are kept perfectly cool. Clients will be using the company’s facilities for a significant period so the last thing you want is customers complaining about the room temperature.
We provide a free site survey no matter how big or small the job. All surveys are carried out by our highly-experienced air conditioning surveyors who can tackle even the toughest installations.